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Our expertise comes from the years of practice of all lawyers. In each operation with our clients we always learn more about the areas of expertise and we always seek to improve to offer the client the best solution for their case. We have already traveled to all regions of Brazil to visit customers’ or other parties’ facilities and understand more about each operation. Listening is not just listening to the customer or the other party explaining about your business, but feeling the business in person. It is these small actions that have made us experts in these areas.

We have more than 15 years of experience in this segment, being responsible for the main operations taking place in Brazil. The two founders have roots in agribusiness and have in-depth knowledge of issues relating to operations.

With knowledge in various aspects in the areas of distributed generation, commercialization and transmission, we have the capacity to assist customers in various operations in this segment.

We assist clients in initial rounds of investment and exits for strategic funds.

We advise supporters of educational institutions, associations, foundations, schools, founders and investors who wish to sell, receive investment or invest in this market. Each entity has its own peculiarities and we are able to understand and accommodate the parties in the negotiation, always looking for successful stories.

An area in which we acquired expertise in hospitals, laboratories and health clinics, whether on the seller’s side, who in many cases are doctors, or on the investor’s side. Reconciling demands from founders and investors is a challenging task and we have been very successful in recent years.

We offer consultancy in service and industrial companies from various segments with expertise in tax, corporate and regulatory aspects. Our team has extensive experience in various segments that allows us to understand clients from services and industry to mergers and acquisitions and capital markets operations.

We work with venture capital funds, start-up companies in various investment rounds, from angel investment, series A, B, C and institutional, as well as in liquidity events for such companies, whether in Brazil or abroad. We advise technology companies from different segments on restructuring and mergers and acquisitions.